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No more milk donations

Well here’s a topic for you, Donating breast milk. Yep I didn’t know it was a thing either unless it was to weirdos on the internet for money. When I had Heidi a touch too early I had to express in order to feed her and due to having been really successful with expressing I ended up like a prize winning jersey cow with a stash of milk even Sainsbury’s would have trouble rivalling.  The issue with a tonne of milk in the freezer is there isn’t any room for the Ben and Jerry’s so some had to go and on speaking to a lactation consultant, she said try Chester Milk Bank, her exact words were ‘they will rip your arm off for it.’ She was not wrong.  Turns out that human breast milk is brilliant for premature babies. Sometimes it is difficult to express milk straight after a birth and for babies that need it whilst their own mother is working to start their supply donor milk can be life saving. Breast milk contains bacteria that is beneficial to the baby’s gut reducing risks of serious complica

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